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About Us.

Rahdahdistro was founded to answer one question: “What would a record label look like if it was started today?”We believe in fair, artist-friendly record deals that give control back to artists.
We provide physical and digital Content distribution and marketing services for music and video artists and labels.We are not just a digital distribution company, we ensure that your music is heard by the right people thereby creating a unique audience for our clients.

A few words about us

Representing over 100 labels, both domestic and worldwide, We are Nigeria’s premier digital music distributor with a reputation for delivering a comprehensive and flexible service across Nigeria and The World

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Our Vision

To be Africa’s major independent distribution service propagating the rich sound from Africa to the world. We deliver your content securely and timely to audio and video platforms, Strategically placing it to reach a wider audience and grow your fan-base worldwide.

Our Core Values

Our Core value
Our core values give a visible form to who we are as a company and inspires us to give 100% at everytime
We are a company driven by excellence and hunger to provide premium services to our clients through partnership and being accountable at all times.
“What we do is not just a job , it is our passion”

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