Artist name : Mimi Bwoi 

Mimi Bwoi hails from IMO state and was born on July 14th in Plateau state, does Afro music has a distinctive sound, unique and has a deep understanding of music arrangement. Alimah is a jam which is an expression of his art. Song title: Alimah Release date: 14 February 2019

Artist name : FrankeyA1

Afro vibe, frankeyA1 made a masterpiece with finesse Song Title: Ojuju Calabar Release date: 8th of Feb. 2019

Artist name: Jzt George

George talks about a certain event in his life, where he’s trying to convince a girl to stay with him after she finds out he’s not into what all other boys are into (yahoo), as a result, he was almost burst for an activity he wasn’t involved in. Song Title: She Release date: 21st December …

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